Triumph University

Debuting as the second of a three part community drop, is the Triumph University collection. Inspired by his first year at University, designer Will (@WillsDesigns) creates a series of t shirts for 'Triumph University.' Multiple pieces from the collection will feature a Triumph University seal, showcasing imagery of our deer and mascot, Moxxy. Available for purchase will be the "Varsity" t shirt, featuring the word 'Triumph' in classic Collegiate lettering. Also being is the 'Seal' t shirt, which showcases the seal of the University as well as the wording 'Triumph University.' Another similar design, also featuring the seal is the Triumph 'Casual' t shirt, which features the crest in between 2 navy bars. The collection also includes a Triumph 'Arch' t shirt, which incorporates a vintage-inspired word mark that wraps around the seal. The final design available as part of this collection will be the 'Moxxy Flies' t shirt, which showcases imagery of a deer flying with the word 'Triumph' above it. Thank you very much for your continued support of Triumph and it's artists, and be sure to tweet as us wearing your merch @TriumphgamingGG and @Willsdesigns.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection